Sunday, 15 May 2011

Healthy Food For Your Weight Loss Meal Plans

Rigorous exercise and diet supplements alone is not enough to control your weight problem unless partnered with the right weight loss meal plans designed for you. People have different body built, age group, metabolism rate, and availability of certain type of foods; hence we all have varying nutritional needs depending on what our body needs. People who have excessive weight needs food that are satisfyingly filling but, are also low in calories and fats that are known causes for the body to gain weight.

A good meal for those who want to lose weight must have less carbohydrates, minimal fat and only a few calories. A balanced meal should have more nutrients, vitamins, fiber and protein to facilitate the proper functions of the body. Focusing your meal on beans, nuts and seeds, legumes whole weight grains and fish or their protein alternatives to meat should help you meet the body's need of fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

You should consider a personalized weight loss meal to have the following characteristics:

1. No processed foods- avoid preservatives and additives present on preserved foods as they contain substances that could harm your body. Eat natural foods that are bought fresh for they are healthier for your body.

2. Include fruits and vegetables- they are marginally filling and has many health benefits especially vitamins c and b complex that could strength your body's resistance to disease and fatigue.

3. Lessen sugar intake- although sugar is a good source of energy, they could also pose risk such as diabetes and heart problems. Foods rich in sugar are known to have large amount of calories.

4. Lots of Water- avoid sodas for they too have high calorie content and bottled fruit juices since they have preservatives. Drink fresh squeeze fruit juices or weight loss tea during snacks.

Successful weight loss meal plan does not take away the taste and satisfaction we get from eating by trading it to nutritional needs. You could still have the foods that you crave like chicken barbecues, ice cream, steaks, pizza and burgers provided that you decrease their amount and eat vegetables and fruits to counteract their calorie content.

Start small in shaving your calorie intake per day. An average person requires only 2,000 calories a day. If you are taking in more than that then target first to have a normal calorie intake. Then gradually decrease it to 1,800; 1,600; 1,400; etc. but never go down to the 1,00 to 1,200 calorie level as this may be considered as starving, which is an unhealthy way of losing weight.

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